How I Did a 3-Day Literary Tour of London

This April, I embarked on a 9-day vacation to London, Bath, and Paris. It was my first time abroad and my first time abroad by myself. I wanted it to be the nerdiest, most bookish vacation I’ve ever been on. There are a thousand ways to go about a literary tour in major and minor cities all over the world, and we’ve written extensively about them (including London), so I’m just going to tell you how this Rioter conducted a London literary tour on her own using some of those guides...

7 Books with Unusual and Unconventional Formats

When you crack open a book, you generally know what you’re getting yourself into, format wise. A story divided into chapters made of indented paragraphs, dialogue, and a mixed bag of long description and short, punchy text to keep things interesting and easy on the eyes. It’s a formula that works and lets us sink into the story like sinking into your favorite reading chair. And then another kind of novel comes along.

Boosting Learner Retention With VR

When it comes to careers loaded with life or death decisions, hands-on training isn’t always the best option. Not when it deals with the safety and health of another human being, or the use of dangerous equipment. The training world realizes this challenge, which is why we’re seeing more uses for virtual reality in the workplace. It can be safer, more accessible, and more effective than classroom or web-based training...

Presentation Designers: The Specialists You Didn’t Know You Need

How did your last presentation go? Was it fine? Just fine? You’re fairly sure you got your message across, but maybe you’re not totally sure. It could have been better. Let’s not settle for “fine.” Presentations are powerful messaging opportunities, and you only get one shot at this at whatever event or training opportunity you’re presenting at. As marketers, we know this, and presentations are an important part of our content strategies...

Does Your Event Have the Right Personality?

Remember your high school prom?That either invoked fond or cringe-worthy memories (or maybe both). Let’s get more specific. Remember the theme of your prom? It was probably something like “Enchanted Kingdom,” “City of Lights,” or “A Starry Night.” Those themes tend to stick with you, don’t they?  The professional world continues the trend of theming corporate events. Planning an event and creating that theme comes with a set of challenges and requirements that change depending on why you’re having an event, who it’s for, and the results you're hoping to achieve.

Learning Management Systems: Meet the Internet of Things

Imagine a world where we carry the classroom in our pockets. Where learning integrates into the context of our lives. An interconnected world, available to everyone, everywhere. Constant engagement. In some ways, we already live there. Our phones, tablets, and computers give us a constant stream of information. Our universities and corporate training departments use Learning Management Systems (LMS) to deliver ever-increasing learning opportunities. But we’re not quite there, yet. 

Showcasing Your Product or Message with VR

You understand the basic ins-and-outs of virtual reality (VR) technology. You also know that it is a technology in flux, with constantly expanding capabilities. You’ve identified your audience and solidified your messaging. You think VR might be your medium, but you want to know more. So … what can this technology do for you? How can you apply it to your best advantage? What kind of VR experience are you hoping to give your audience?