What Can Your Book's Copyright Page Tell You? | Book Riot

It’s the fine print page we always skip past as we flip to the first page of our novel. Unassuming. Utterly forgettable. And yet, there’s a lot you can learn from all that tiny text. For instance, do you love that book cover? You can find out who designed it. Want to know what font the book is using? You know where to look. Let’s explore the anatomy of a typical copyright page so you know what all of that fine print is telling you about your book.

Training Strategies for a Multi-Generational Workforce

As of 2018, we are in a four-generation workplace (five if there are any straggling Traditionalists): Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, Millennials, and Gen Z, fresh out of high school. We have never seen a workforce this diverse in age, and that presents a challenge for trainers. How do you craft training that speaks to the different mindsets and learning preferences of such a diverse workforce? Because the answer isn’t a one-size-fits-all.

Boosting Learner Retention With VR

When it comes to careers loaded with life or death decisions, hands-on training isn’t always the best option. Not when it deals with the safety and health of another human being, or the use of dangerous equipment. The training world realizes this challenge, which is why we’re seeing more uses for virtual reality in the workplace. It can be safer, more accessible, and more effective than classroom or web-based training...

Presentation Designers: The Specialists You Didn’t Know You Need

How did your last presentation go? Was it fine? Just fine? You’re fairly sure you got your message across, but maybe you’re not totally sure. It could have been better. Let’s not settle for “fine.” Presentations are powerful messaging opportunities, and you only get one shot at this at whatever event or training opportunity you’re presenting at. As marketers, we know this, and presentations are an important part of our content strategies...